Occupation: Plant Manager - American Crane & Equipment Corporation

What drew you to your current role and company?
Previous supervisors and mentors who supported me personally and professionally drew me to my current role.

Tell us one thing about your employer that someone else might not know.
American Crane & Equipment Corporation is very family oriented and is supportive of my personal growth.

How has American Crane & Equipment Corporation helped you develop professionally?
I have been with American Crane for over 20 years and have been given several opportunities for advancement. I started out as a general laborer and now I supervise 50+ employees.

Does American Crane & Equipment Corporation allow you to volunteer?
Yes, I have been given the opportunity to volunteer my time at the Exeter High School STEM event. I have also helped with delivering donations to the YMCA in downtown Reading.

Share a hidden gem of Greater Reading.
The local events, food, music and breweries in West Reading.


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