Unique Snacks

Tasty Innovation

A Unique history of snacking

By Justin Spannuth, Unique Snacks and Garrett Allen, Harris, Baio & McCullough

The Spannuth family has been baking pretzels since the late 1800s and Unique Pretzels was officially trademarked in 1921. Family businesses are interesting in that the separation between the family and the business gets blurred. That has worked in our favor as our traditional family values and belief in treating employees like members of the family has created our “unique” culture.

We have a history of innovation. We have introduced Pretzel Shells, Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings and our latest innovation, our line of Puffzels—a nonfried puffed snack that features a pretzel crunch and a variety of flavors.

Greater Reading provides the opportunity to collaborate with many large companies that are near the top of their industry without the high prices, congestion or other hassles of being in larger metropolitan cities.

Greater Reading has a vibrant business community focused on strengthening our region and creating greater job opportunities, which boosts the regional economy. We also are lucky to have resources in Greater Reading focused on workforce development and establishing business-friendly policies with our elected officials.

Reading is a great central location with easy access to major metropolitan areas. It is crucial to develop and build relationships with business leaders outside your industry who you can turn to for advice as you face new challenges.

Successful business owners understand the importance of stepping back to evaluate operations, market conditions, growth opportunities, succession planning and a plethora of other factors. When you remain laser focused on managing operations, you risk missing growth opportunities that could greatly impact your business.