Homemade Cravings

Craving Goodness

Homemade Cravings drive, passion fuel growth

By: Luisa M. Suarez, Owner, Homemade Cravings

Homemade Cravings is a family bakery that started in 2009 in Puerto Rico. After many years of working from our home, we grew and received amazing support from our community. Finally, on June 17, 2019, we opened the physical store in downtown Reading with the help of many people from this amazing community. We started offering custom cakes, and now we also offer cake decorating classes, cake decorating supplies and a variety of desserts.

We moved from Puerto Rico in 2010 and since that year, our lives have changed. The area provides us the opportunity to create a business where we can offer our customers delicious custom cakes and desserts. We also are the first bakery in the area to provide cake decorating classes.

Our business opened eight months before the pandemic. This was very hard for us, but our passion and dream were bigger than any difficulty we encountered. We reorganized our business to serve our customers, but stayed open and kept our employees.

Greater Reading provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs, new businesses and the growth of an existing business like us. I think that it’s an excellent community where the people support each other and share the dream of making it a better place to live. With consistent visions for the future, anyone can have the opportunity to grow a business here.

The most important thing is to dream big, work hard and be consistent every day to make your dreams come true.