2023 Top 25 Largest Employers in Greater Reading

The 2023 Mid-Year State of the Economy report indicates that healthcare and manufacturing stand out as the leading industries in Greater Reading, as reflected in the top 25 employers list. Over the past five years, healthcare has experienced substantial employment growth. Manufacturing, consistently is the largest industry sector in terms of both GDP and employment, currently employs over 31,000 individuals, with employment numbers steadily increasing over the last three years, with a slight dip compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Manufacturing maintains a location quotient of 2.13, emphasizing its significant presence in the region, while the healthcare sector has a location quotient of 1.17.

Location Quotient (LQ) is a measurement of concentration in comparison to the nation. This allows us and others to understand industries and occupations that are unique to our region. An LQ of 1.00 indicates a region has the same concentration of industry (or occupation) as the nation. An LQ of 2.00 indicates the region has twice the expected employment compared to the nation and an LQ of 0.50 would mean the region has half the expected employment in comparison to the nation.

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