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In the past 10 years, the Berks County population grew by 4% and the City of Reading’s population rose by 8% making it the 4th most populous city in Pennsylvania. Our growing and diverse population are what makes our community and workforce unique. The 2020 Census confirmed that not only is the United States more diverse and more multiracial than ever before, but so is the City of Reading and Berks County — 69% of the City’s population identifies as Latino and 18.6% identifies as two or more races. Just over 23% of the County of Berks population identifies as Latino and 9% identifies as two or more races.

Doing business in the Greater Reading area means finding highly skilled and driven members of the local workforce everywhere you turn. From young professionals to seasoned leaders, this community is home to hard-working individuals that span a wide range of industries. Our educational resources and local career development programs give the Greater Reading workforce a unique edge that you’ll have trouble finding anywhere else, and with the diversity of not only the workforce but the industries we are home to, business is always booming here.


31,400 Jobs

500+ Establishments


30,600 Jobs

1,240+ Establishments



19,600 Jobs

1,080+ Establishments



12,500 Jobs

220+ Establishments

Take Advantage of a Highly Skilled Workforce

With over 20,000 college and technical school students within 40 miles of Reading, and over 4,700 degrees awarded from colleges and universities in the Greater Reading area, you will find a community that values lifelong learning. The higher education and workforce training institutions in Greater Reading work closely with our business community to support entrepreneurship, workforce training, research and innovation and leadership development.

Programs like Career Ready Berks are an example of the community’s commitment to workforce development. It is an alliance between the Berks County school districts, post-secondary institutions, businesses and local business organizations, intended to provide information, resources and training programs to Berks County students and facilitate their growth. Internships, partnerships and other programs are always available to students in the Greater Reading area, and this attention to building career pathways functions as an investment in the workforce of tomorrow.

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