Rivertribe Outdoors

Rivertribe Outdoors opened in mid-2018 after its founding owner and local native, Jed Wright, purchased the former Schuylkill River Outdoors outfitter, based out of the Monocacy-Douglassville area.

Wright began operations quickly after his acquisition, but had some false starts along the way, due to inconsistent weather and water levels, limited resources and, of course, the pandemic’s impact.

Along the way, Wright entered into talks with another local, and friend, Peter Bird, about a potential partnership. Then in the spring of 2021, the two entered into a new partnership. They resumed Rivertribe’s operations together, along with the help of friends and family — Bird’s wife, Karen, and sister, Esther.

River trips, including canoeing, kayaking and tubing, are currently limited to weekend warrior hours, along with holidays and some weekdays by reservation and/or special events. Rivertribe also offers education and entertainment-based activities out of its base of operations.

A good portion of the Schuylkill River, specifically the most frequented stretch that runs between Kerper’s Landing at Riverfront Park to Ganshahawny Park (Douglassville), is located here as well. The Schuylkill River trail and associated community is another amazing asset to the region that’s recognized nationally. 

Rivertribe welcomes those who enjoy and respect nature and the outdoors. Whether local or otherwise, Wright and Bird enjoy connecting with others who share their love of the outdoors, particularly river-based activities, including canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.

Additionally, they enjoy building relationships with their patrons and the more local they are, the better, as they can build stronger relationships with them and their community. Many of their patrons have become repeat visitors, some returning weekly because of the great service and location.

Greater Reading is a diverse and extensive community. Its rich history, especially around the Schuylkill River, dovetails neatly with company values and goals.

For more information about Rivertribe Outdoors, please visit: www.rivertribe.org