The Greater Reading NextGen IP Group: Improving Economic Development One Piece at a Time

What makes the Greater Reading Area so ideal for manufacturing business and employment opportunities? The answer is actually quite simple: industry-led, community-supported partnerships that strengthen our regional economy and help connect people through jobs. One such partnership is a NextGeneration Industry Partnership, or NextGen IP, of which Pennsylvania is a national leader.

NextGen Greater RDG Advanced MFG IP

What is a NextGen IP?

A NextGen IP is a structure that supports businesses that drive the partnership’s agenda and the regional support team that encompasses it. Since NextGen IPs are organized around the topics that impact business leaders the most, they are sustainable over time.

This sector strategy coordinates and aligns efforts in the workforce, education, economic development, and other public and community partners in an effort to address the overall competitiveness needs of a targeted industry. In the Greater Reading Area, this industry is primarily manufacturing.

Why Join the Greater Reading Area’s NextGen IP Group?

The Greater Reading Area has embraced this model because NextGen IPs support training and credential attainment, increased wages, talent recruitment, networking and collaboration across the local manufacturing industry, increased career and manufacturing industry awareness, and much more.

Through this partnership, the Greater Reading Area has enhanced our local manufacturing industry’s competitiveness, strengthened our regional economy, and connected Reading-area locals to career pathways by promoting cross-sector collaboration.

The specific goals of NextGen IP grants are as follows:

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NextGen IP Grant Activities

Effective partnerships typically utilize NextGen IP funding to support business-driven priorities and enhance the competitiveness of a given industry. The activities supported by the grant include, but are not limited to, the following:

What Local Business Leaders Are Saying About NextGen IP

Several prominent manufacturing industry leaders in the Greater Reading Area have already gotten involved in our NextGen IP, and they simply can’t say enough about the many unique benefits that such a program has brought to the table in terms of local manufacturing business sustainability.

Given the many benefits that participation in the NextGen IP can bring for your business and the Greater Reading Area’s manufacturing business as a whole, there’s no reason not to get involved with the Greater Reading Area’s NextGen IP grant program today. Click here to learn more.