Hezekiah Simmons

College you attended: Penn State Berks 

Company you work at: Enterprise Holdings 

Where do you live? West Reading

Where are you from originally? I am from West Philadelphia *inserts Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song*

What is it about Greater Reading that made you want to stay here after graduation? The Greater Reading area has plenty of great job opportunities, is rich in community, has strong history and great trails and parks. I can say, since living here I have been able to focus, expand my horizons, take on new heights and have plenty of fun with locals, friends and family while doing so! There is magic in each day living in Greater Reading! 

What advice would you give recent graduates starting their careers in Greater Reading? To my recent graduates, be open and willing to receive what you may not know. Give yourself the grace to explore different opportunities. Know that what you do today is great, and you can always do greater. Stay intentional and true to self. Have fun through it all as you are a student still of newer lessons! Something I always say to myself is, “Be like bamboo less like a wall” in this life. I sincerely think you rock, and you got this!

Name your favorite Greater Reading event, festival to attend. 

  • Network The City Events
  • Hamburg Hamburger Festival
  • The GoggleWorks events
  • West Reading French Fry Fest
  • Berks Jazz Fest

If someone is visiting the Greater Reading area, what are some things or places you would tell them to experience while they are here?

  • The Museum/Planetarium
  • The Pagoda
  • Hawk Mountain