US Anodize

Why the Maack’s love working for US Anodize.:

US Anodize is a 3rd generation family business where both Greg and Jamey have worked and learned every position within the company. US Anodize is the single source for custom aluminum anodizing projects working on products ranging from medical, military, automotive, flashlights and fishing reels.

“We take a lot of pride in our business, our team and the Greater Reading community in which we live,” Jamey Maack said. US Anodize has a company philosophy of giving back to the community. They are constantly giving the company’s time and money to charities in their community.

The Maack’s say that US Anodize is highly focused on the safety and well being of their team. While always striving to be No. 1 in their industry, they understand that professional development and training is key. When asked what if you train your employees and they end up leaving to work somewhere else, Jamey replied, “What if you do not train them and they stay?”

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