Shawn & Tara Verzinskie

Shawn & Tara Verzinskie

Shawn Verzinskie, Consulting Engineer & Customer Service, Trinity Mission Critical

Tara Verzinskie, Sales Support Lead, Prime Wellness of PA

Lives in Mohnton

What do you wish others knew about living in Greater Reading that you’ve discovered?
I wish others knew that Greater Reading is the perfect mixture of country, small-town, and city living. We live in the country and it’s so peaceful and calming. There are several small-town places nearby for dining, shopping, and unique experiences. Driving to Reading, Lancaster, or even Philadelphia for some city events is relatively easy.

Tell us your favorite thing about living and/or working in Greater Reading.
My favorite thing about living and working in Greater Reading is the ease of travel. It seems like I am never more than 15 minutes away from something to do, somewhere to be, or some place to eat and drink, with little to no traffic. After living in or near cities most of my life, that is a great convenience that I will never take for granted!

If you are not from Greater Reading, why did you choose to move here and stay?
I am not from Greater Reading, but my husband is. We originally decided to live here because of his family and friends in the area. Since then, we have built such a life here, with the people and the location, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Our home is our little oasis and provides us a calm and relaxing place to live and work.

What is your favorite, local restaurant?
Emily’s on Route 10 in Mohnton, PA.