Refillable Goods

Creative Sustainability

Refillable Goods focuses on keeping products clean and safe

By Jaylene Torres and Paola Cevallos, Co-Owners, Refillable Goods

At Refillable Goods, we are committed to offering high-quality, eco-friendly products that are made with safe ingredients. We carry a variety of personal care and cleaning products sourced from small businesses. To minimize waste, the packaging is refillable, compostable or recyclable. Our mission is to facilitate the switch to a sustainable lifestyle and bring awareness to harmful ingredients.

We started in 2021 with pop-up shops at flea markets, festivals, and craft shows, which helped us gauge community interest and gain exposure. In May 2022, we opened our storefront on Penn Avenue in West Reading.

Jaylene’s search for products to alleviate her son’s eczema led her to discover the lack of safe options with accessible prices. As a vegan, Paola is passionate about environmentalism and wanted to address the issue of wasteful packaging. Their shared passion and necessity for this type of business sparked the creation of Refillable Goods.

Our business not only provides safe products for families, but also promotes environmental awareness, responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle.

Greater Reading, specifically West Reading, is the perfect place for our business because the community values local, small businesses. Being the first of our kind in the area has allowed us to establish a strong and loyal customer base, inspiring us to continue our mission.