Rachael Romig

Company: GoggleWorks Center for the Arts

Where do you live? Wyomissing

What are your favorite local activities to do with your family?
When the kids weren’t walking yet, we loved to walk at the Reading Public Museum and trails in Wyomissing. We live right by both and have the beauty of it surrounding us. Now that the kids are older, we love walking Penn Avenue and visiting restaurants! We were blessed with polite little babes so going out to eat has been a lifesaver—it was something that my husband and I did when we were dating (total foodies!) and now we can keep doing it! It has been so fun to take the kids to the local parks, walk in the creek at the Museum, ride the train at Colebrookdale Railroad, and by far their favorite activity—visiting the Pagoda. When we drive through the City of Reading my son yells “There’s mama’s work!” and then even louder “THE PAGODA!” He knows where I went to school (RACC) and makes sure to tell me every time, so I don’t forget. They also enjoy visiting the Yocum Institute for the Arts for their children’s shows.

As they get older, we will be able to stay longer at the Reading Fightin Phils games, Reading Royals games, and more. I want them to enjoy everything that Greater Reading has to offer.

What about Greater Reading makes it great to raise your family?
There is SO MUCH TO DO! As a working mom and dad, we know it’s hard to find time (and activities) that the kids might want to do but we pop the kids in their seats and drive for 10 to 20 minutes and boom, something to do. Whether it is the places local to us, or a short drive to pick apples and pet goats at Weavers Orchard, we can go anywhere. And if it rains? No problem. The Works has an indoor crazy-space for kids ready to expel some energy.

When I was growing up, we lived in a rural community—cows, farms, small main street. As many young people who are “bored” with their hometown, I wanted to do more. And it was when I finally left high school that I realized everywhere around my hometown did offer more. I can now go to a super fun and robust main street, buy local art, make art, meet new people, meet up with people I already know and find similar interests with those around me. You always can find a friendly face near you ready to talk about what interests them and what they do in the area. I’m raising my kids to be one of those friendly faces and love where they live.

Name your favorite Greater Reading hidden gem.
There is a beautiful walking path in Wyomissing that is a huge grove of trees. You see it coming upon you as you’re walking, but only when you get closer do you see the opening for people to walk through. It is completely shaded, with a field of wildflowers to the right. It is like walking through a secret and magical forest. The walking trails around Wyomissing are my favorite, and I almost always walk somewhere new.