Occupation: Founder - Gayatri Wellness; City Councilwoman - Reading PA District 1

Lucine Sihelnik

What drew you to Greater Reading?
My father relocated our family to Greater Reading in the 1990’s from the Washington D.C. Metro Area. It was a stark change that drove me right back to living in Baltimore, Nashville, even England and traveling the world to find my perfect spot. In 2006, I decided to move to Greater Reading and buy my first house in West Reading, next a farmette in Upper Bern township, finally landing in the City of Reading. I’ve realized that this is THE perfect place to live.

It’s the perfect distance from the major hot spots of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washinton D.C. and we can easily access the mountains and the ocean. We can catch a show at Genesius/Santander Performing Arts, hike the Pinnacle, bike to the downtown library or Schuylkill River Trail, visit the Reading Reading Symphony Orchestra, go to Fairgrounds Farmers Market, pick our own at Weaver’s Orchard, picnic at Manatawny Creek Winery, romp around the Reading Public Museum/arboretum/planetarium and go downtown for concerts and events.

The cost of living is within our means of comfort for my husband and I, both primarily self employed. Our parents are also here in Wyomissing and Mt. Penn and they are a necessary anchor for us with a young child and a busy lifestyle of in Greater Reading!

What’s your favorite thing about playing in Greater Reading?
I can yoga just about anywhere! Greater Reading is so vibrant and beautiful. Downtown, farms, parks, vineyards, libraries, schools and hospitals- they all provide amazing enrichment to teach and practice yoga. I love to teach but I also love to throw down my mat and enjoy my practice. I’m seeing so much more incorporation of yoga & play in Greater Reading! You can wine & yoga at Folino estate, you can detox & retox at Saucany Creek, you can yoga at Hawk Mountain, Stone House, Gring’s Mill, on the water at Blue Marsh Lake, several of our Library branches, on the rooftop in Downtown at Doubletree and chill out under the stars in shivasana at the Planetarium.

What do you love most about being able to offer residents of Greater Reading with awesome lifestyle opportunities?
Yoga is a great way to play in Greater Reading. It’s not just about your asana practice and your mat. It’s about building your community. Visiting new places, trying new things, meeting up with people and strangers alike that have a common bond over the philosophy of “Namaste” which makes us stronger together as a society. Yoga is about self discovery but also a portal to discover the places around you, like Greater Reading, which create the life balance you need to be the best version of you.

Tell us one thing about Gayatri Wellness that we might not know?
Gayatri Wellness is a platform I created, inspired as an independent agent of change in my community. I built it as multi-tiered community organization based on the pillars of sustainability: people, planet and profit. Society tries to define you; Gayatri allows me to define myself. That label can change: yoga teacher, councilwoman, mom…so “be the change you want to see” around you!

Share a hidden gem of Greater Reading.
It’s all here! Whatever your heart desires is approximately 15 minutes driving distance of Greater Reading. As a transplant, I’ve learned the beauty that exists in Greater Reading: the societal fabric that weaves a European & Latino influence from the urban core to the river, farmland, valleys and mountains that make up Greater Reading. It’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful people!

What is your favorite event or attraction in Greater Reading?
The Pagoda. It’s the heart of Greater Reading for me. Standing from that vantage point, I can see most of Greater Reading. I can meditate on whats most important at that very moment and center myself. It helps me shape my vision as community leader. It’s also where I take any visitor that comes to Greater Reading. From that point, you can walk, bike, or hike in the Mount Penn Preserve. You can grab a drink or bite in the City. You can sit and linger in conversation with a cup of coffee at the overlook or decide the next place you are going to play in Greater Reading.


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