Nicholas Witkowski

Occupation: Electrician – IBEW Local 743/NECA Apprenticeship; Employed by Hirneisen Electric, Inc

Why Witkowski loves working in Greater Reading: Through Local 743, Witkowski is receiving an excellent classroom education and on the job training that meets his active lifestyle. While enduring the training and becoming a Jorneyman Electrician, he earns excellent wages and benefits without mounting student debt.

Greater Reading provides a wide variety of industry and infrastructure that Local 743 electricians help build and renovate.

“We have an amazing city and surrounding area full of new projects, working towards a very bright and innovative future,” said Witkowski.

Witkowski chooses to work, live and raise his family in Greater Reading. “I love my community and this city. The people of Greater Reading are some of the hardest working and generous I’ve ever met. The parks, shopping, restaurants and other recreation could compete with the best,” said Witkowski.