Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, Inc. (MCAM)

Why Daubenspeck loves working for MCAM:

Howie Daubenspeck found out about his current employer by accident. He was working for another company when a friend encouraged him to apply. He was hired, and the opportunities within the company have continued to grow ever since! The company has paid for his bachelor’s degree, certifications, trainings and seminars.

His favorite thing about working in Greater Reading is the diversity and the opportunities available, noting that it has embraced a diverse workforce. Within his role, he believes that the greatest accomplishment one can achieve is to bring to light another person’s potential through development.

Recently, an innovative partnership occurred between MCAM and the Hamburg Area School District to develop opportunities for students to explore careers in manufacturing. Doubenspeck recognized that there was a pending crisis for talent, as many long-term employees would be nearing retirement. At the same time, Chris Spohn, Dir. of Operations at HASD, was struggling with data that stated only 58% of students graduated college within five years of starting studies. Furthermore, only 23% of those who graduated were working in their area of study. The skills gap plaguing many economic sectors was partly because students were unaware of good-paying, entry-level positions with career growth opportunities.

The two paired up to create “Professional Field Experience (PFE)” in manufacturing, including mechanical aptitude assessments and retraining with RACC’s Schmidt Training and Technology Center, while also participating in on-the-job training at MCAM. Students then receive manufacturing-focused curriculum and projects that require students to provide public displays of learning. Those who complete PFE are offered positions at MCAM and mentored throughout their first four years.

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