Mindful Roots

Moving Mindfully

Mindful Roots connects kids and yoga

By Karen Tripolitis, Founder of Mindful Roots Yoga, LLC

Mindful Roots supports elementary aged students and those that guide them through our movement based program called, The M.Y. Time Program. Mindful movement, children’s yoga, and social and emotional learning (SEL) activities foster skills like: self-resiliency, focus and attention, relationship skills, self-compassion, strength and flexibility. Our one-day training, comprehensive instructor’s guide, instructional video library and live demonstration lessons make it easy to implement our program with confidence.

My children’s and adult yoga and mindfulness certification process began in 2009. Over the course of the last 14 years, I have worked with students ages 1 to 90, teaching various kinds of yoga and mindfulness classes.

Seeing the changing needs of my students over the course of my 30 year career as an educator prompted me to seek out additional tools to teach skills that lead to improved mental health. The turning point came when I realized this work needed to be delivered daily as a classroom integration. This was the way for children to internalize, master and apply what they had learned to support them in the classroom and in life.

Greater Reading schools understand the need for this kind of programming and have a “prevention over intervention” mindset. Preparing children for learning is a way to improve academic achievement and the best way to do it is through the language of movement.