Luis Perez

Turf Technician, Newcastle Landscaping

Lives in Reading

What do wish others knew about living in Greater Reading that you’ve discovered?  I wish people knew how willing to help other people are — from something small, like directions to something major like raising money for someone in need!

Anything you wished you knew sooner about the area? I wish I knew how many beautiful places there are. Growing up in the city, I just didn’t realize how expansive Greater Reading really is.

Tell us your favorite thing about living and/or working in Greater Reading. Easy, it’s the people I work with and this company. I’ve never enjoyed working for a company as much as I do now with New Castle. This company and its people treat you with respect, care and LOVE. This is what family feels like.

Are you from Greater Reading originally, and if so, why have you stayed here? If you are not from Greater Reading, why did you choose to move here and stay? I am from Reading, born and raised! I am still here because of something that is precious to me and that’s family. Generations of us have forged lives here and we have thrived! Reading is place that you can live a meaningful, impactful and beautiful life.

What is your favorite, local restaurant? My favorite local restaurant is Shaylor Brewing Company. It has great food, great people and fun drinks.