Lucine Sihelnik

Occupation: Founder – Gayatri Wellness; City Councilwoman – Reading PA District 1

Why Sihelnik loves playing in Greater Reading: Sihelnik loves to play in Greater Reading because she believes the area provides whatever your heart desires within a 15-minute car ride.

A transplant of the Washington, D.C., Metro area, Sihelnik loves doing yoga just about anywhere in Greater Reading. She can teach and practice yoga all over Greater Reading from downtown to the farms, parks, vineyards, schools and hospitals.

“As a transplant I have learned the societal fabric that weaves a European and Latino influence from the urban core to the river, farmland, valleys and mountains make Greater Reading appealing. It is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people,”

Sihelnik said. Sihelnik favorite attraction in Reading is the Pagoda, as she feels it is the heart of the area.

“Standing at the Pagoda, I can see most of Greater Reading. I can meditate on what is most important at that very moment and center myself. It helps me to shape my vision as a community leader,” Sihelnik said.