Libby Harford

College you attended: Albright College

Company: Reading Area Community College, Miller Center for the Arts

Where do you live? Reading

Where are you from originally?
Carroll County, Maryland

What is it about Greater Reading that made you want to stay here after graduation?
I wanted to stay here because of the wealth of opportunities. In my hometown, the arts are not funded or supported on the scale they are in Greater Reading. I wanted to live in an area that aligned with my belief that the arts are worth investing in and they bring so much culture and life to the people that participate and value them.

What advice would you give recent graduates starting their careers in Greater Reading?
Make friends! Although Greater Reading feels big compared to rural Maryland, everyone still knows each other. You never know who is going to be asked to vouch for your work ethic or your attitude, so make sure you’re as present and authentic to yourself and others as possible.

Name your favorite Greater Reading event or festival to attend.
West Reading Art on the Avenue! All the different arts in Greater Reading come together to share what their organization is doing this year, it’s just so fun. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment and advocacy and I can’t help but smile all day when I’m there!

If someone is visiting the Greater Reading area, what are some things or places you would tell them to experience while they are here?
I think if you’re in the area, you must attend at least one theatrical performance—whether it’s a musical from the theater departments at Albright College or Reading Area Community College, or a play reading at GoggleWorks! There are too many places to list where humanity is on display and it’s amazing to witness.