Kelly Piccioni

Occupation: Owner – Events by Kelly’s Florist; Horticulture Instructor – Berks Career and Technology Center

What drew you to your current neighborhood?
I am Leesport born and raised! I live on the tree farm that I grew up on and was built by my father, family and friends. Unfortunately, the result of several tragic events is what has kept me in Leesport. These events have rocked our small town and to see how the community banded together with unconditional support solidified my feelings of home. There is nothing like knowing without a question of a doubt, if you or anyone else is in need, your community will wrap their arms around you and lift you up.

Many of the people I grew up with, from Kindergarten through high school, chose to stay in the same school district to raise their families. Now our children are on sports teams and in class together. It is really a unique and fun experience to know the core of the people that knit your community!

What’s your favorite thing about living in Greater Reading?
I love the small town feel with access to larger areas. The communities that encompass Greater Reading rally around causes and those in need in a big way. Everyone knows everyone, yet there is always something new to find. Our agricultural presence, open spaces, park systems and educational opportunities are some of the best in the state.

Greater Reading has incredible entrepreneurs with new business ideas and collaborations making the area stronger and more attractive to live and work. We are within two hours of major cities and attractions on the East Coast providing ample opportunities for business and leisure.

Describe your neighborhood in five words!
Solid foundation with ample growth.

Share a hidden gem of Greater Reading.
A variety of opportunity is the biggest hidden gem of the area. The Greater Reading area has experienced incredible growth while still preserving its core values. If you can think of a great idea and are willing to put work in, your success can be attainable. I would encourage anyone to move to the area for a multifaceted career opportunity. It truly is a great place to raise a family!