Katelyn Kline

Katelyn Kline

Owner, Homemade Bakers Co.

Lives in Fleetwood

What do you wish others knew about living in Greater Reading that you’ve discovered?
I’ve discovered Greater Reading to be diverse in a multitude of extraordinary ways. From the people we have to the geography of our area, there is truly something for everyone. Everyone who lives in the Greater Reading area has their niche and all of us seem to find a way to thrive, no matter what our interests are! From the kind of shops we have to the businesses that occupy our area, we are lucky to live in a diverse and thriving area.

Tell us your favorite thing about living and/or working in Greater Reading.
My favorite thing is that it really is “a small world.” No matter where I go, I always meet someone who knows someone I know. I feel as though I always have a connection to the businesses and restaurants I visit, which makes it special and makes me want to support more businesses in the Greater Reading area!

Are you from Greater Reading originally, and if so, why have you stayed here?
I have stayed here because of the connections I have with the people and places around me. It truly feels like home. I was just recently away on vacation and when we were driving home, I said to my husband, “I’m so happy to be home.” No matter where life takes me, this area will always be home to me.

What is your favorite, local restaurant?
My favorite local restaurant is Mom Chaffe’s Cellarette in West Reading. The food and the people who work there push it over the edge and make it my favorite restaurant to visit.