Heidi Reuter & Chris Lincoln

Occupation: Heidi: Owner/Photographer – Heidi E Reuter Photography; Chris: Traffic Engineer

What drew you to your current neighborhood?

We both bought a home in West Reading 10 years ago! For Chris, it is was the convenience to work via 422 and the walkable neighborhood. For Heidi, it was an affordable home with charm, that was a great project for her and her father to renovate. Ten years later, we are married and live together in Heidi’s home, now considered our home. We love being able to access the parks, restaurants and shops within a few blocks. Also, we both commute to work and being so close to the major cities is convenient!

What’s your favorite thing about living in Greater Reading?

Greater Reading has something for everyone and it is very accessible to many major cities. We both love that we can drive 15 minutes and be surrounded by beautiful countryside, or walk three blocks to wine and dine with our friends.

Although we love Reading, we like that in a short drive we can be in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Allentown and even New York City. We can also get away from the city feel with a relatively quick trip up to our family’s lake house in Northern Pennsylvania.

Describe you neighborhood in five words!
Walkable, Young, Hip, Up and Coming.

Share one hidden gem about Greater Reading.
We love the farmers markets! There are quite a few that we like visiting and loading up on fresh veggies and yummy food!