Ebony Hicks

Ebony Hicks

College you attended: Albright College

Company: Albright College

Where do you live? (municipality) Muhlenberg Township

Where are you from originally? The Pocono Mountains

What is it about Greater Reading that made you want to stay here after graduation?

There are two things that made me want to stay in Greater Reading post-graduation: opportunities and people. As a post-grad theater major, I have the opportunity to take my degree to great lengths here. There are a lot of entry level job opportunities here in Reading, which is awesome. The people that I have met during my time as a student have turned into friendships and other connections that make staying in Greater Reading even more of a wonderful choice.

What advice would you give recent graduates starting their careers in Greater Reading?

I would say while you are starting your new journey, don’t forget to see Greater Reading while you do it—go to events downtown, visit the museum if you never have and try a new restaurant in West Reading.

Name your favorite Greater Reading event, festival to attend.

I really love Arts on the Ave, but I also love Reading Royals games and the PRIDE Festival. While I couldn’t attend it in person, I liked hearing about the raising of the Juneteenth Flag in City Hall and all the other Juneteenth festivities.

If someone is visiting the Greater Reading area, what are some things or places you would tell them to experience while they are here?

I always tell people to go down to West Reading because it’s so pretty and to visit the Pagoda!