Berks Latino Workforce Development Board

Learn more about Berks County’s newest workforce program!

Berks Latino Workforce Development Corporation (BLWDC) is seeking to bridge the skills gap and reduce poverty in Berks County, PA. BLWDC offers culturally minded workforce and economic development interventions by implementing industry-certified training in both non-biotech and biotech, professional development, job readiness, employment services, and wrap-around services to low-income residents in Berks County. Its main objective is to help participants to earn living wages and address socioeconomic limitations related to unemployment and underemployment.

BLWDC offers National Industry Certified training, adult literacy and career services. All occupational training programs offered will allow participants to obtain role-based training and advanced certifications while bridging participants to either English as a Second Language (ESL), high school equivalency, soft skills, job readiness, computer basic literacy, professional development, and college readiness. Most program tracks are expected to be offered in English and Spanish while some will be limited to English depending on state, federal, or corporate certification requirements.

BLWDC prioritizes empowering local community residents, especially in Reading, as well as supporting local businesses and institutions.

Having moved to Reading, PA for this role – what is one thing that surprised you about living here?

I have been impressed by the diverse approaches to business development from entities including GRCA, Berks Latino Chamber of Commerce, and the Berks County Workforce Development Board. There are countless ways to network, collaborate, and connect in the region.

Who is an ideal candidate for the programs and services of BLWDC?

The ideal candidate will vary. It is for the unemployed, underemployed, or those looking for a career change. It is a pipeline for those seeking advanced degrees or a short-term track to a successful career. It is focused on supporting Spanish-speaking residents through supportive case-management and comprehensive services to ensure individual success.