Alicia & Brandon Wood

College you attended: Kutztown University


Alicia: Berks County Intermediate Unit
Brandon: Wilson School District

Where do you live? Alsace Township

Where are you from originally?
Alicia: I am originally from Royersford, Pa., which is in Montgomery County.
Brandon: I am originally from Jim Thorpe, Pa., which is in Carbon County.

What is it about Greater Reading that made you want to stay here after graduation?
Alicia: My husband and I met at Kutztown, and we have a lot of friends who remain in the area. We did leave the Greater Reading area initially, as I attended grad school in Pittsburgh, but we came straight back after my program was done. Much of my dad’s family is still in and around Greater Reading, as well. We also got very connected to our church, Trinity Lutheran Kutztown, during undergrad and knew it was where we wanted to continue to attend. The Greater Reading area also has so much to offer, from arts programming to agriculture and beyond.
Brandon: We mainly wanted to be here because this is where our friend group is, and the arts and theater scene here is great.

What advice would you give recent graduates starting their careers in Greater Reading?
Alicia: Get to know the people around you. One of the unique things about Greater Reading is that it not only attracts those from outside of it, but also it retains a lot of natives. Your coworkers are going to give you suggestions on where to go, whether it’s to eat or to be entertained. Take their advice, but also don’t be afraid to explore the area around your workplace because the area is constantly changing and evolving, which is so cool!
Brandon: Connections! Make connections now. Talk to people about your career goals. I’ve always found people in Greater Reading are willing to help you and give you advice as long as you ask for it.

Name your favorite Greater Reading event, festival to attend.
Alicia: I always love the Kutztown Folk Festival! Any performance by The Ringgold Band is a highlight!
Brandon: The Kutztown Folk Festival is great! I also attended the ReadingFilmFEST in 2016, having had a short film competing in the festival.

If someone is visiting the Greater Reading area, what are some things or places you would tell them to experience
while they are here?
Alicia: Crystal Cave and the Pagoda are often the ones that come to mind first. Hawk Mountain is also one that I grew up going to every year with my parents and is great in the fall. I would also recommend that someone should go to any of the county parks/nature preserves because the area has many to offer!
Brandon: For food, I recommend the Barley Mow in West Reading and Mark’s Sandwich Shop in Kutztown.