Innovation + Talent

TRIOSE, Inc. has partnered with renowned healthcare institutions since 1999 to implement intelligent supply chain solutions that lower supply chain costs and increase quality of care provided by their partners, leading to better patient outcomes. Driving change for improved healthcare in communities is paramount to the TRIOSE mission, which aims to save their partners billions of dollars. While their clients are nationwide, the TRIOSE headquarters are in the heart of Wyomissing, serving as home base to the majority of TRIOSE’s 94 employees.

TRIOSE attracts talent from all over the country to join their innovative company, and strives for every employee to understand their personal “WHY” with TRIOSE!

Sara Diefenderfer, Employee Lifecycle Specialist, recalls her first day, where she experienced a chili cookoff, birthday cupcakes in the breakroom, and someone serving beer for an afternoon treat! As Sara observes, “TRIOSE embodies the fun, flexible, and friendly culture that I have always searched for in a place to work. We cannot be impactful as a business without outstanding people, and at TRIOSE – we are able to have our cake and eat it too, literally!”


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