Occupation: Artistic Director - GoggleWorks Center for the Arts

Tim Compton

What drew you to your current role/company?
I was living/working in Indianapolis, IN and looking for something new to challenge me in the workplace. I applied to the GoggleWorks because I was excited about the opportunity to oversee the communication about art making, the public’s first impression of GoggleWorks as a creative space and engage the evolving local community in new experience.

What’s your favorite thing about working in Greater Reading?
Coming from a bigger city, I love being able to bump into the shakers and movers within Reading on my way to lunch. That was something I always craved in the past and could never accomplish in Indianapolis. I find I can get a lot done by just walking around the city and talking to the people I see.

Tell us one thing about your employer that someone else might not know!
There is a supportive community of people here trying to make sure there is a consistent trend of success. We know the vulnerability it takes to make/experience art, grow from the experience and share it with the world. We try to support that any way we can.

How has your employer helped you to develop your skills/gain professional development opportunities?
GoggleWorks is actively working to access the opportunities outside our walls, while maintaining the great experiences inside our walls. Because of that, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with more people in the last 6 months than I had in the past 6 years in other roles. Those experiences and connections are priceless.

Share a hidden gem of Greater Reading.
The hills and hiking trails are awesome! I love the outdoors. I come from a very flat state, so having any elevation is a blessing. I try to get out as much as I can and take in the views.


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