Looking For Manufacturing Employees? Meet Greater Reading!

If you’re looking for dedicated, experienced, and driven employees for your manufacturing business, you’ve come to the right place. All throughout Greater Reading, the heritage and spirit of hard-working employees is what helps our local world turn.

Attract Local People, Develop a Local Empire

Greater Reading offers proud people who are focused on their work. From energy storage, to customized logistics solutions, to world-renowned manufacturing, our people are happy to get up and go to work every day. If you’re looking for employees who are driven, smart, motivated, and prepared to succeed alongside you, Meet Greater Reading.

In addition to resources like Next Gen IP, the local Greater Reading area provides many unique resources to motivated entrepreneurs. One of these resources is the Berks LaunchBox, a unique collaboration between Penn State Berks and Penn State Health St. Joseph, which is an innovation hub where students, entrepreneurs, and local professionals can meet, connect and spur collaboration.

If you’re an employer looking to attract the talent you need and want for your manufacturing business, Meet Greater Reading is here to provide you with the resources you’ll want to see and use. Check out our toolkit right here for more!

Why Join Next Gen?

GRCA manages a Next Gen Industry Partnership for Advanced Manufacturing in the Greater Berks region. The Next Gen IP program is led by business leaders who address issues that matter most to the manufacturing industry, their educational partners and associated professional services. As a public-private partnership program, Next Gen brings all community and business stakeholders to the table and offers a collaborative approach to tackling challenges that no single company can solve on its own. 

By joining the Next Gen Community of Practice today, you can receive regular tips and resources as well as information on upcoming webinars, peer sharing calls, and professional events and summits! If you would like to get involved in GRCA’s Next Gen Industry Partnership, please fill out the form below.

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