A strong dedication on ongoing education.

With over 28,000 college and technical school students within 20 miles of Reading, and over 4,700 degrees awarded from universities in the Greater Reading Area, you’ll find an area that values lifelong learning.

An award-winning Penn State campus. A comprehensive, open-enrollment community college that provides transitional coursework, skills training, and so much more. Private colleges, like Albright or Alvernia, with community focus and a culture of leadership development. A state school with nationally recognized programs. And, best yet, a population of students ready to change the world. Luckily, Greater Reading offers the types of post-secondary education opportunities students need to reach their goals.

Greater Reading’s network of post-secondary institutions provides far more than the 18-22 age set. Continuing education opportunities means working adults, families, and specialized industries can grow where and when they need to. Support systems here are primed to keep the brains where they belong – here in Greater Reading.


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