“I will stay in Berks post-graduation. My dreams have a lot to do with the city’s progression and rehabilitation, and I can’t do that away from home. The best thing about Greater Reading for a student or young professional is the networking. Being in Berks County allows for so many networking opportunities and subsequent job opportunities. Many can attest that knowing the right people brings many opportunities; as a young professional, what you don’t quite know yet, people here are willing to teach you.

My generation is one of fighters. We will not back down. We refuse to tolerate oppression. We change the status quo. That is exactly what we will do for Reading first, and then the world. We will remind all of the definition of equity and we will do so will passion. We will explain to all that times are changing and simply because people are different does not mean that they are evil or against us. We will shift the political climate and decrease the current extent of polarization. We are the next generation. We won’t simply be the people of the United States; we will be the people of the world. We will fight for justice in all places and we will aid and welcome all. We recognize that kindness is a chain reaction and it all begins with us.”


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